Shop by Clothing Style

Fine Fabrics, Lingerie and Swimwear
Use clothes hangers that are designed to protect the delicate fabrics of your lingerie, swimwear, and other delicates. Satin, canvas and linen coated and padded hangers are a wonderful addition to any closet. Velvet coatings, silicone sleeved bars, and padded non-staining clips give you a lot of options when shopping for our hangers. All of our hangers are designed not to snag, rip or tear delicate fabrics, so you can order with confidence when choosing which style of clothes hangers you would like in your closet.

Heirloom and Storage Items
Choosing the correct hangers for storing your clothing will help you to preserve the materials and shape of the garments when they are not in use. Our wooden cedar hangers are made with aromatic red cedar, which absorbs moisture from the air and deodorizes storage areas. Aromatic cedar also repels pests and gives your closets a fresh scent. Protecting your storage items has never been so beautiful.

Linens, Drapes, and Blankets
Say goodbye to wrinkled sheets, crumpled drapes, lost sheers, and creased tablecloths. Our open-ended, deep hangers give you a stylish way to keep your linen closet beautifully organized while protecting items that are normally crushed by being folded and stacked. Transform your linen closet by hanging bulky comforters, heirloom quilts, sleeping bags and more on these innovative high quality hangers.

Suits and Coats
Suits and coats need special care. Molded shoulders and tailored designs need to be hung on a supportive frame to avoid drooping. Puckered marks on the shoulders and misshapen seams are simply not an option. Protect the investment that you’ve made in your suits and coats by using our incredibly sturdy suit hangers and coat hangers. Jackets and coats will maintain the curvature that they were meant to have while pants and slacks are kept neatly on our premium hanging bars. Say goodbye to slippage, imprinting, snags, puckers and drooping by using our exclusive, high quality suit hangers and coat hangers.

Shirts and Jackets
Our shirt hangers and top hangers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate any style of fabric and size of clothing. You’ll appreciate the quality craftsmanship of our clothes hangers. Shoulders are designed with certain types of tops in mind so that you can choose the ones that specifically suit your needs. From petite sizes to our extra large shirt hangers, quality and style are never sacrificed.

Pants and Slacks
Never worry about your pants and slacks slipping or being creased, crimped, or wrinkled again by using our innovative, high quality pants hangers and slack hangers. Smooth edges, padded, non-staining clips, and non-slip surfaces make our pants hangers the highest quality hangers on the market.

Scarves, Belts and Ties
Get organized while protecting your fine ties and scarves with our specialty hangers. Belt hangers, tie hangers, and scarf hangers make organizing a snap while keeping your closet looking beautiful. Eliminate the need for extra drawers and shelves with these precision designed specialty hangers. Never worry about damaged fabrics or your accessories ending up on the floor again.

Children’s Clothing
Children’s clothing takes special care. We carry the highest quality children’s hangers on the market. No more sharp edges to snag and tear delicate fabrics. No more stretched necks and puckered shoulders. Protect your child’s wardrobe by selecting the right hangers for your child. With a wide array of modern or classic styles and designs, you can give your child the closet of their dreams without sacrificing quality.