Adjustable Hangers

Adjustable Hangers
Adjustable Hangers
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  • Easily Adjustable Width
  • Black & Gray Plastic
The ultimate in customizable clothes hangers.  These adjustable hangers have several features that make them a top choice of savvy closet organizers.  They adjust from 17" to 21" accommodating many sizes of clothing.  The wide yoke holds your shirt collar straight so that it looks perfectly tailored every time you wear it.  The wide shoulders won't crease or pucker your clothing.  The unique notch on the hook keeps clothing perfectly spaced so that they never get crammed together.  These specialty hangers hold clothes apart allowing for air circulation that makes them great for wrinkle-free drying.  Sold in packs of (3), (6), or (12) hangers.
How it works - Instructions

1. Firmly grab hanger near collar yoke with one hand. Grab opposite end with other hand, placing thumb under tip of shoulder pad.

2. Firmly push up and rotate shoulder pad of hanger.

3. To get a perfect fit, lay shirt at, face down and position shoulder pads temporarily above hanger, stretching from seam to seam.


4. Make note of number where end of shoulder pad matches up to adjustment hole on hanger arm.

5. Position shoulder pad above hanger arm, with end just covering selected adjustment hole.

6. Squeeze shoulder pad onto hanger arm until they snap together. You’re now ready for a perfect fit!


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